What’s Going on with Me…

Our school…current inspirational message…

One of the many things I enjoy about where we live are the easy access

to different places to walk, picnic, have a spur of the moment adventure!




At every turn is a postcard pretty view…






VERY unusual – a fire in the fireplace June 13.

We are enjoying an extra cool & rainy late spring



Enjoying the wildflowers on a walk – the flowers

are enjoying our cool, rainy weather


We can often see the change in weather on Crystal Peak





Our bleeding heat perennials  

perennials are like a little miracle in the garden…          


Our wild iris…




We were having a meeting about our

summer library reading program and I couldn’t

help but take pictures of the cat trying to get

the attention of the service dog…





Another load of wood June 21st


It’s so good to see all this water again

after being too low for too long


A favorite book…

I write non-fiction but enjoy novels that

could be true…


I usually have a book going – you?

What’s a favorite book?

“The most precious gift we can give one another is letting them know they matter.”  Julie A R Stephens

Living in the Mountains

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