Life’s Adventures – Hiking & MORE

There are so many beautiful nearby hikes.

I appreciate that we can easily make a change to our daily

and weekly routine with an early morning hike and sometimes

a picnic as well.

We enjoy living in the mountains!

Hiking makes me feel so alive! Everyone

likes to do different activities with their free

time –

Some people get excited by going shopping

or out to eat – I’m working on getting rid of

stuff and my favorite place to eat is a beautiful

outdoor setting with my husband…                      

Since my husband retired in January, he’s had the time  

to do most of the electronic work to help get our books

out into the world – very exciting!

His Bible Plays for Children has been bought in Italy! My

Mountain Devotional has been bought in Germany and

Mountain Mutts – Joy’s Tale has gone to Australia!!

June 23rd:The window we ordered two months ago arrived!

Bruce researched on-line and asked my in-put.

This new window is replacing the original 40+ year old

window in my writing nook!

Here’s the original window by my computer

Our firewood box is below the window

My husband is carefully separating the window

from the packing materials.

June 27th: after taking the old window out…

Here we go!

We have never seen this view from inside

our home before! It really opens up the space!

He plans to make a firebox to match up with

The ledge of the window, creating a hidden

box and a window seat!

Husband is now working on putting in the insulation

It’s beautiful!

 Bleeding hearts are perennials that have

been coming back for years!

We get these huge butterflies –

Swallowtails – like little gifts

Poppies! Stunning perennials!

Our poppies have been coming

back for years!

Fun to see in the different stages

and take pictures…

June 24th ice on the river! We had

temperatures below freezing for two June

nights in a row. The flowers in the garden were fine

but the flowers we had just bought – not yet planted,

most of them froze. We have never experienced such

cold so late in the season here before…climate change…

We were heading home and Bruce

saw this moose!

The wild iris are stunning

June 29th is the anniversary of our 1st date.

This year was 49 years…I was 17 & Bruce was 20

In celebration we had a lovely dinner at the nicest

restaurant in town – appetizers of artichoke – spinach dip

and salmon

My lovely dinner

The owners surprised us with

a beautiful tasty dessert!

So fun to get to read Mountain Mutts – Joy’s Tale

to children in our library – I’ve another reading

set for July and another for in August in the

Crested Butte and Gunnison libraries!

For me a full life, an interesting life, has a number

of different facets…

I work at being happy much of the time – I struggle

with darkness and depression but being out in nature

so much and having different aspects to my life helps

a lot – not only is that much more interesting but if one

part isn’t going great in the moment, I’ve others to

enjoy and work on

Do you work at being happy? How so?


“The most precious gift we can give one another is letting them know they matter.”  Julie A R Stephens

Living in the Mountains


2 thoughts on “Life’s Adventures – Hiking & MORE”

  1. I do work at being happy; I don’t think it happens without some “cultivation” from us. I guard my feelings carefully; meaning that, when I see myself slipping into a dark moment, I try to counter that with some “thankya, Lords”. In other words, I think of things that I am blessed with. It usually helps. And I “change the vibes” around me by removing myself from my immediate surroundings. That may mean just getting up and walking from one room to another that is more light-filled. I live in a hotel, and I often stand at our 5th floor lobby window, big and airy, and let the breeze blow in over me. Or I just take a walk outside, stand by the curb, with a fresh cup of coffee or tea, and sometimes, I even hit a high operatic note into the air (it’s downtown San Francisco, nobody minds).

    1. Oh Kamurrah – you are so wise – you are spot on – thank you for that

      Some days are easier than others for following that sage advice – for sure walking in nature / in the mountains is my godsend – but sometimes even that doesn’t work – sometimes it’s all I can do to know that, from past experience – the darkest darkness will pass

      That doesn’t mean everything is going to be ok – it’s never all going to be ok – it does mean that eventually I can find joy in the moments again and that’s what life is about – finding joy in those moments with love, nature, work – whatever / wherever your joy is found

      Hugs sis – and to everyone who struggles with the darkest darkness sometimes – hugs – I care

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