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A Good Dog Story

Dogs are great companions. Dogs make us happy. Dogs make us laugh. We love our dogs. A good dog story is an uplifting treasure. When I heard that my friend Taffy had found aid for her elderly dog to walk again, I had to investigate. O’Ryan is a still stunning Siberian husky, weeks away from his 14th birthday. He’s part of the Bolger household. His people believe in helping their senior canine companion live out his golden years as fully as possible.

Being a Siberian husky it is in Ryan’s core, in his heart, to run and run and run the mountains – every day, and then to run some more. His aged body is failing. Subsequently, his people started taking their furry friend to acupuncture at Gunnison Valley Vet clinic where Doc Seward was an immense help. O’Ryan was helped with regaining some mobility. As happens, especially with aged bodies, the next thing came to pass. Three summers ago Ryan twisted his back badly, pinching a nerve. He was already suffering from weak back legs because several vertebras had fused together. Some laser therapy with Doc Seward helped.  However, during lockdown treatment had to stop and he lost ground. Though Ryan is now back on the physical therapy program he hasn’t been able to regain that lost strength.

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The ice and slick snow is a danger to all of us but again, it is especially a danger to the aged. Ryan’s mobility suffered as his back feet would slip out from under him on icy walks. Enough! His people decided to start looking into doggie wheelchairs or carts.


Taffy brags, “Being Irish and frugal we posted on Face Book about finding a used cart. Friends jumped in to help through HCARE, found an organization-Gunnar’s Wheels Foundation. Their mission is to provide wheelchairs or carts to dogs in need. They operate via donations.  With HCARE’s help we have been loaned a cart for Ryan to use as long as he needs it. When he is done with it we mail the cart back to Gunnar’s and they will ship it out to the next dog in need. Great organization! Wonderful idea!”

When we let them into our hearts our canine companions help their people emotionally. When we walk them daily our furry friends help our hearts physically stay strong.  Our four-footed best friend provides unconditional love and support, which is especially important during tough times. Though people may think we’re taking care of our canine companions, it’s mutual: dogs take care of us too.

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Is a dog friend an important part of your life? How so…

“The most precious gift we can give one another is letting them know they matter.”  Julie A R Stephens

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