New Year’s Day 2022




New Year’s Day 2022 this is my view in our tiny mountain village at 9,000 feet. Most people just want to visit in the summer. So this peacefulness is blessed.



What’s MOST IMPORTANT to me:




Connecting with my husband


Staying healthy – physically, mentally, spiritually


Publishing my work & connecting with my readers




I don’t know if I can keep up this pace but my goal is to keep at it:



Christmas Eve service with husband




New Year’s Eve dinner with husband – shared my gratitude jar entries for 2021 and we laughed, remembered and were thankful




We shared dessert – I took 1 bite of each




Husband & I are continually working at us. Over this 10 day Christmas vacation we walked together several times on our nature trail each day with our dogs Joy and Hope – I took these photographs on our nature trail which is just out our garden gate




These sunny blue and white days are awesome




Easy to see Mother Nature’s art work with or without the sun




Multitasking: walking with hubby & dogs in nature & taking photographs




Girlfriends at my home – celebrating the December birthdays and just finally being together




Taking a moment              



8 year-old Elsa and I getting our booster –  Elsa and I celebrated our 6th anniversary this past summer – we have each other’s hearts. I’m her nanny, tutor and ‘Lake City grandma’ (I’ve a M. Ed. and number of certifications including gifted, special education and early childhood) Elsa’s SMART with physical and emotional issues




Hope with Elsa



Joy has always watched over Elsa – it’s too – too adorable



Writing accomplishments these past 10 days: good start on Jane Friedman class for my book proposal, posting more regularly, started twitter, wrote & edited / edited / edited freelance piece for NYT that I’m going to submit tomorrow, signed up for Susan Shapiro class…


Gotta go…hubby time



What’s important to you? How are you managing? I care – drop me a linelove jules

“The most precious gift we can give one another is letting them know they matter.”  Julie A R Stephens

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