celebrating in 2020

How have you celebrated milestones and special events during COVID-19. Do you feel safe going out? Do you wear a mask? Do you know a healthcare provider or someone who has gotten the virus? Are you doing ok?

We are ever so grateful for our blessings. My engineer husband’s job is essential. This is one view from our front deck. My husband picked me flowers from our garden and also got me roses when he ordered groceries on-line and picked them up curbside. August 20th was our 43rd wedding anniversary. We happily dined alfresco on our homemade meal. Memories and conversation flowed.

During this pandemic, in order to avoid spreading germs, we are asked to stay home. Perhaps most people would prefer to go to a restaurant for a celebration meal and would find it a hardship not to do so or perhaps they feel safe going out to eat anyway. Staying home is not a hardship for us.

When we go into town we are reminder of COVID. This picture is really, really telling of church services held here during the pandemic. If the services aren’t held electronically then they are outside with distancing and mask wearing. This is Rev. Ed Nettleton, the Episcopal priest at St. James Episcopal Church in Lake City, Colorado. Ed is giving us our anniversary blessing. He takes everyone’s temperature as we gather together before the start of the service.

The coolness of our summer mountain mornings is another joy of living here! We’ve lived with heat and humidity and find it most unpleasant. I harness the morning coolness and close the house during the heat of the day and it feels as if we have air-conditioning.

This is Crystal Peak on our anniversary. Crystal Peak is visible from my writing nook, our front deck, our garden, my favorite chair by the fireplace – she’s a striking celebration of where we live. Living up in the mountains, the pandemic doesn’t affect us or our lives anywhere near as much as it does city dwellers and suburbanites. We aren’t cooped up. Walking the mountains and living with the elements in nature is a regular part of our daily lives that matters now more than ever. We aren’t traveling or going out but living in the mountains isn’t an adversity for us. In fact, simply walking somewhere different than we usually do is almost like a miniature vacation!

Considering what most of the world deals with because of COVID – we are ok. How are you doing?  

“May you live all the days of your life.”  J. Swift

Living in the Mountains

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