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Taking into consideration what is in our control and what is not, I think this is the best time of life, as is living up here in the mountains, in Lake City, Colorado. I always find it interesting from people who are considering moving up here full time, wondering what the heck do we do in the winter!

We don’t sit in huddles in front of a fire wishing we were someplace else! No one is forced to stay! October through April can be most satisfying as the peacefulness of the mountains comes alive.

The many sunny, sapphire blue skies of Lake City, where we get outside to walk and ski and snowshoe, get us through the snowy, dark, colder than cold days.

The extra busyness of the warm months is past but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do! Some of our businesses actually care about the locals!

Climb is another fun opportunity in living here. Last weekend was the wine pairing. It was fun to visit with new people – who were wondering what it’s like to live here full-time, and to enjoy different foods with different wines and how the drink enhanced the food;  all of this at the hands of Chef Linda and her husband, Jerry.


Chef Linda coming out to see if we are happy – YES!


Jerry explaining to us what we are experiencing


How lovely! Presentation is an important part of the dining experience!

This Sunday a group of us are going to Climb’s once a month brunch! Good food with good company – does it get any better!

On ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ there was a group of us who were not some the millions…a bunch of us non-conformist were at our movie theater, The Mountaineer, in our little mountain village, enjoying Little Women – thanks again to our beloved proprietor – hugs Phil!!

The weekend before at The Mountaineer was the latest Star Wars movie and this weekend it is Knives Out – how fun!

The owners of The Mountaineer movie theater are also first time grandparents!!!

As with people anywhere: we work, we volunteer, we go to church and get with friends, we enjoy being outdoors, we walk our dogs, we go to the dentist, the post office and the library, we dine out and go to the movies and we do it all at 9,000 feet! Life is even more special living in the midst of nature as we breathe fresh air and don’t deal with traffic! There’s no driving to the gym or pool for exercise; we just walk outside! Life is good! Health and happiness abound!


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Living in the Mountains

6 thoughts on “Health & Happiness”

  1. I live your description of life in the winter, in the mountains! Such beautiful stillness. I went with my grandkids snowboarding on Mt Hood yesterday. While waiting for them, I had 3 hours of the most beautiful, scenery, feelings, there just are no words. I prayed, I meditated. I was in awe. I love you cousin and I love your blog!

    1. Hey Claudia!

      The snow absorbs sound and I so very much love the quiet. Our nature trail, just below our cabin, by the river and a forest, is the perfect place this time of the year as no one else is around! We can drive 3 minutes and be in town as we did this afternoon to buy a newspaper and pick up our mail. There’s no mail delivery to the house – great way to see people is to go to the PO!

      Know you are enjoying visiting your grandchildren! The youngest just had her – 4th birthday, was it?

      love you back –

  2. Your village sounds so picturesque! I love how the locals provide and support each other. Climb sounds and looks divine.

    1. Hey Sheiliea!

      The beauty of the mountains is what draws people here. We do live in a stunning area.

      In the ‘off season’ (about October – April) there are maybe 300 of us and then the company comes in from where it’s hot and there are maybe 3,000 people (and the mountain doesn’t get any bigger – so for some of us the crowds are hard) but of course businesses need those dollars.

      Climb is fun and Jerry and Linda do their jobs really well. If you come visit we’ll go there!

    1. Well David, I’m not completely sure now…definitely not the blueberry and I don’t think it had bacon or salami. It wasn’t my favorite but it was the prettiest!

      Since visiting Italy I have ventured out a bit past my totally vegetarian stance – so if you were wondering , yes, I ate the bacon and salami at the wine pairing at Climb last week, though I can’t imagine meat ever being a choice in our home.

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