Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

The ‘Let’s be neighbors’ sign in front of Get Some Groceries, in our little village, gives me hope.  It is acknowledged worldwide that now is absolutely an extremely hard time for our nation.

The hopefulness in the banner simply comes from seeing each other as human beings. For all our differences we are all people living on this earth, in this country, in this little mountain village – or wherever you live.

Encouragement means to be inspiring, to give support, so that as each of us shows kindness, we cause a ripple effect. Small changes in attitudes can indeed occur in the hearts of thinking, growing, openhearted people and maybe, finally, this can really be the beginning of authentic, lasting, kindhearted change in our souls and in our history.

If we don’t want people to judge us – we cannot judge. Remember the Golden Rule? And to all Christians: Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Genuine change can happen with valid relationships. Real relationships assume the best, kindly question and show love. And where there is love there is no judgment.

Lake City neighbors, like your own, are quite diverse. Our little mountain village is very unique in its location. The draw is the mountains but we can be as different as the seasons of summer and winter as to why we like the mountains. There are environmentalists and not. There are couch potatoes and active folks, same-gender couples, single folks and married folks. There are people who work and not. There are blue and white collared folk, artists, musicians, firefighters, atheists, clergy and agnostics. There are Republicans, Democrats, and folks who don’t declare. There are residents from birth and transplants.

There are people of color and not. There are people with physical challenges and people who have challenges that are harder to see. There are people who live in large and expensive houses and not. There are people of all ages. For different reasons, we are all drawn to these mountains – or to wherever you live.

If our goal is to move our nation in a healthier, kinder direction, we need to do that at home first. We are neighbors.  Let’s be part of a positive change. In the words of loveable Mr. Rodgers, “Won’t you be my neighbor?”  So, neighbor, what will you do with your life to make the world a kinder place to live?


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Living in the Mountains

2 thoughts on “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”

  1. Julie, hello my friend…
    Your post here made me think of how I enjoy greeting everyone I see when I’m taking my walks. In suburbia not too many folks are out, and especially in an aging area, so I WELCOME an opportunity to try to get acquainted. Sometimes I remember to pray for the residents, as I pass by homes. I hope I see someone new this week, & I have a new neighbor whom I’m hoping might like to join me on occasional walks.
    Love you,

    1. I love it! Right – a smile, a greeting, a potential friend and we never know how badly someone might need a kindness at that exact moment. Life is hard enough – for us to pass a neighbor as though they didn’t exist, well just don’t! ‘Old-fashioned’ courtesy is never obsolete! – love you back

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