Satisfying Weekend

After getting a number of both enjoyable and constructive things checked off THE LIST last Saturday, Sunday was full of fun activities!!!

Our friends Ed and June ‘don’t do any kind of social media.’ Pictured are: Sylvia and Bill, Erin, Don (almost catholic J), myself – terrible posture and my husband, Bruce. Was fun laughing – always love laughing, talking and listening and learning more about other folks.

After our communion service at St. Rose, those who wanted to gathered at Climb for a tasty brunch. I ate every bite of my Belgium waffle – crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, soaking up all of my warm maple syrup.

My posture improved considerably standing, at least for this picture. After being full of waffle and syrup, snowshoeing around the lake felt great – fresh air, sunshine and exercise, a happy combination!

That evening a friend and I went to the movies! Very unusual, this was the third movie in as many weekends: Star Wars, Little Woman and  Knives Out – great fun! Climb has been, like the movies, unusual for us to go so often: New Year’s Eve, the wine pairing and this brunch – fun to have choices besides walks and snowshoeing, which we love doing all the time!!! For us the Lake City draw is this beautiful, tiny, mountain village – being outside is the best! But too, the movies and eating out are a fun choice.

In my opinion, one can’t have a satisfying weekend playing if one plays all / most of the time. Just my opinion – but since it’s my blog… I do invite your opinion and you to share what a satisfying weekend is for you? What kind of work and play do you do? Just FYI, volunteer work is indeed work. Please, share.


Please – make your thoughts known in the comments section below. As always, I prefer if you post your comments and questions here rather than send them to me by private email. By putting them here, we share with other readers, which, after all is the purpose of a blog! I read all comments and will try to respond to all  useful questions. Sign up at the top of this post to be notified of new posts. Thank you! – julie

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