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It is so deeply satisfying to be able to go for a hike in the mountains, especially on the spur of the moment – because we live here. Husband and I did just that this morning. With back and knee support my body responded well to climbing up and down repeatedly. Walking in nature, in the mountains is my favorite place. I am so very grateful – grateful to live here – grateful to be able to hike comfortably – grateful to have a husband that likes this too – grateful to have our healthy, fun border collie come with us and obey us. Life is good!

I am so very grateful to live in such a beautiful place and to have cameras to take my nature photographs.


The leaves have started slowly changing.  Autumn is our favorite season as it brings in more coolness and the eye-catching colors of our aspen leaves and the noisy, summer crowds dissipate.

On the weekends, we take pleasure in eating lunch together on our front deck, with the river below and the mountains above us. This time of the year butterflies and hummingbirds often fly around us.

This beautiful fellow meandered into our yard last weekend.  Just as we were about to walk the nature trail with the dogs my husband saw him below our front deck and told me. I grabbed a camera and started getting pictures. There is something most disturbing about anyone who would find joy in killing this creature. The two of us made eye contact and our souls touched.


Because I still had my camera from taking pictures of the buck, I was able to get good pictures when the geese flew above us on the nature trail. The geese honking is a delight we hear in the evenings and mornings.

That night we enjoyed watching the stars come out together. We easily observed the Milky Way and the Big Dipper. Every part of the blackness was covered with the celebration of stars.

Last weekend, the folks who bring their tasty goodies to sell, were in town.  I bought a box, about 50, peaches. The cost is much more efficient this way. A girlfriend bought half and it’s been fun to give some away. These late summer, Colorado peaches are the best – so juicy and flavorful and perhaps because they are here for such a short time, they are appreciated the way a treasure should be appreciated.


It has taken all season but it has been so satisfying watching these marigolds grow from the seeds of last year’s marigolds. It doesn’t take much to delight me.

The geese hanging out with the horses, in the wildflower covered pasture, with the mountains in the background, on a blue-sky summer day – so pretty!

My breakfast was the same color as my plate and it all looked so very pretty, causing me to take a picture. I feel life deeply – both the beyond beautiful and the sadness. Often it is too much to take in so that it is exhausting – but here I am.


25 Blessed Quotes - Inspirational Quotes About Being Blessed in Life

Blessed or Lucky – I’m not sure I believe we are  blessed – I don’t know anyone who deserves to be blessed by God and why would some people seemed blessed and others not? Why, for no apparent reason, are some children born fine and others not? Why are some people born so intelligent and in ways that the world pays a lot for, and others not? Yet, I do believe it is a blessing to be able to appreciate living in this magical place, in life, seeing such beauty that others brush off with – ‘yeah it’s pretty, let’s go.’

My husband is (mostly ) beyound wonderful (as I am sure to be to him) and we are smart enough to cherish each other and care for our relationship as one would anything of great value and importance.

We were lucky in so many ways when we appreciate our blessings.

Blessed or Lucky? What do you think? Maybe it’s not even that important – what is important is the appreciation – the gratitude for the goodness in life. Isn’t that what life is all about?

“The most precious gift we can give one another is letting them know they matter.”  Julie A R Stephens

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6 thoughts on “Blessed or Lucky”

  1. Julie,
    I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I, too, appreciate realizing that the Joys or sorrows life brings are to be ‘received’ with a heart and mind of gratitude.
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos. I love that you snapped the plate of yellow and blue! 😁

    1. I cannot help but be contemplative and take nature photographs. Thank you for letting me know that my thoughts and photographs matter to you. That was fun realizing how my breakfast food and plate matched! love you back

  2. Blessed or lucky? We are all blessed! Anyone who can read this is blessed beyond words, with our electronics that make it possible, and all that goes with it, and we all have so much to be grateful for.

    1. Right there with you about being grateful of course – that’s everything. But maybe we are just lucky – lucky that we don’t live in a war torn country, are wealthy enough to have the electronics to be able to use the internet – what’s the difference between blessed and lucky?

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