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 April 18



I get fun pictures as we are walking – many people have well behaved canine companions on leashes & that gets my attention.  Too, look at this woman’s fun purse – it’s made to look like a piano





We continue walking this well-choreographed tour as Claire leads us to this cheese shop.

Until now our treats along the way have been pastries that I passed up.


 Walking continues into this charming square dating back to 1805: Place des Petits-Pères.

This red church door & the red geraniums called out to me.

This picture just makes me happy.


Walking brings us to where some of the TV show: Emily in Paris is filmed.

Place de l’Estrapade is a square in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, which in the Netflix show is where Emily’s apartment, Gabriel’s restaurant and their local bakery are located. The square is found between streets rue de l’Estrapade and rue Lhomond.

Our hike brings us to a pretty picnic spot.

There are little tables with connecting  chairs scattered all in the trees.

Bruce finds us a place by a fountain. I get us food.


Claire has picked up the food for us.

I get some fresh fruit & finger sandwiches for the two of us. We passed on the pastry.

The sandwiches are tasty & we are hungry.

I would have gotten more than the two each of the tiny sandwiches I had quickly gathered

as not to hold up the line, but when I went back, none were left.

 The Louve Pyramid



We walked on to our appointed afternoon time slot at The Louvre.

Because more & more people are now visiting The Louvre,  our tickets

now have specific time slots – unlike our visit in 2017.

In 2017 we went a couple of hours before closing.

That experience was so much less crowded – much more pleasant.

 It’s too crowded when we go midday.

Bruce & I choose not to spend more than a couple of hours there.

We are already tired from all of the morning walking.

And the only way to escape the crowds is to walk far away to more isolated spots in the museum.



This was part of a charming spot we found without other people.

These are funny! Bruce pointed them out to me. I wish I’d taken others.

The artist had monkeys preforming tasks as humans.


The Valpinçon Bather is an 1808 painting by the French Neoclassical artist Jean-Auguste-Dominique


A painting from the 1700’s & the book looks so realistic!

 It is easy to get lost as we wander off the beaten path of this enormous place.

Finally, I choose to ask for help from the many, eager French museum assistants

standing around in the corners – waiting to help.


 Musician in the metro.


 Claire, our tour guide has been very good about helping us understand the metro before we have to do it on our own.

Between Claire, the YouTube videos I’ve been watching for months, Bruce & I together & our different mindsets

(sometimes I’ve been right & other times he has) we are good to travel the metro!



We have a bit of a walk from the metro to the hotel. Our lovely hotel is not centrally located.

The stunning red, sweet scented strawberries called out to us.

We easily make the purchase.


We get back to the hotel to find that the elevator is being repaired.

We are offered a drink on the house & enjoy sparkling water in the garden.

After a bit of a rest, we climb to the top floor.


My husband & I enjoy an impromptu tea party on our hotel balcony. So delicious!

After our snack & rest we are ready to go out again.

 I want us to find the ‘love wall’ & get pictures as we did in 2017.



Walking along, we both see St. Rita at the same time & stop.

We were married at St. Rita Catholic Church in Ft. Worth, TX August 20, 1977.




The love wall is fenced off as it is under repairs – as much of the city is, getting ready for Paris hosting the Olympics.


2017 – this picture stays on our refrigerator in a magnetic frame

 Bruce looks on our museum pass to see what we might be near & finds us a very sweet apartment museum (1829-1905) called:

MUSEE JEAN-JACQUES HENNER as it holds this painter’s works. It is almost empty.

This is just perfect after the overload of people & space in The Louvre.







Dinner was a short walk from the hotel, overpriced but tasty.

A ‘pizza’ made on French bread & some spicy shrimp.

Bruce & I shared this & a bottle of carbonated water.

 Tomorrow’s schedule & Day 4

We leave Paris for the French countryside.

I’m excited!


After being in Paris twice I feel I’ve an understanding of the city.

There are always different treasures to find!

Paris is a good idea to fly into & stay a bit before heading off to another adventure in France or another nearby country.

Bruce & I live in a tiny mountain village. It is good for us to get so completely out of our comfort zone like this.


I hope this post has been enjoyable. Paris is – well PARIS!!

Thank you for your comments on the blog post.

 Come back for the rest of the amazing tour – the storybook looking French countryside 😊

April was the perfect time for the countryside in France!



“Walks in nature are hugs for my soul.” Julie A R Stephens

Living in the Mountains

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      The rest of this adventure is the French countryside! Nature is my JOY! I look forward to sharing it with you.

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