Paris & the French Countryside Part 2

Day 2 of the Tour
April 17


Our tour has officially begun


The Seine River with the Eiffel Tower as we walk around Paris!



La Sainte-Chapelle

Construction began sometime after 1238 and the chapel was consecrated on 26 April 1248. The Sainte-Chapelle is considered among the highest achievements of the Rayonnant period of Gothic architecture.

Placed on the western facade, the round rose window lets the light penetrate the interior.



The experience of walking up the many, dark stairs into sunshine

streaming through the extraordinary brilliance of these walls of stained glass – so memorable – like coming through purgatory – reaching Heaven

 Since the sun had been elusive, we were so fortunate to have sunshine at that moment


I’m so very much enjoying my amazing Apple iPhone pro max 15 that Bruce got for my birthday last year

A little joy: I was in line to purchase a round postcard of the rose window. The young woman in front of me was delighted with the tiny, charm-like Eiffel Tower necklace she was buying. She and I didn’t speak the same language. But I was able to communicate to her that I would fasten her necklace around her neck if she wanted.

The clerk, who spoke French and English was smiling, taking in the scene and assisted with the language barrier. I was able to join the miniature pieces of the chain. We hugged. She had the biggest smile and waved goodbye. The clerk said, “That was very kind of you.” It’s a sweet memory for me – maybe for her.

 April 2024

My new phone camera is amazing!

A phoenix has replaced the burnt but intact rooster at the very top of the spire at the Notre Dame cathedral as part of the new construction.

The rooster is now on display in the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine museum in Paris. 

  Notre Dame is still under reconstruction after the April 15, 2019 fire and not yet opened to the public.



Bruce & I took a tour inside Notre Dame up to the bell tower.

This is the incredible view from the top, 387 steps.

Construction took place originally between the 12th and 14th centuries.

A gargoyle on the left overlooks the city of Paris.

The Eiffel Tower is slightly visible on that grey day – all the way to the upper right.


A little joy.

My eye is drawn to color & nature.

We had snow at home but Paris is in bloom!

I cannot help but go over to the flowers.


Sidewalk cafés are everywhere – it’s Paris!

Bruce had the idea for us just to bring our phone cameras.

It is so much more convenient this way!


On our free time, Bruce & I find the two bookstores where I wanted to place my bookmarks and at least one of my books. I did!

Shakespeare And Company doesn’t allow pictures inside but here are outside photos of  the famous bookstore.

An employee at Shakespeare And Company took me to the area where writers are allowed to place their business cards & bookmarks. I left my bookmarks & that of two writer friends.

May be an image of 2 people, newsstand and text,May be an image of 1 person, studying, book and text

The Abbey Bookstore takes one of my books to sell as well as displaying my bookmarks. This gives me pleasure and hope.


We take the metro back to our hotel. This sign speaks to me. Take delight in the little pleasures that come daily – like COLORS!

These tours are so physically active! We are tired. We are proud of ourselves for being able to get back without getting lost & staying safe using the metro. Parents with young children – easily distracted & older people are especially vulnerable to pickpockets in big cities – like Paris. We are aware of our surroundings. We have our valuables hidden. I hold on to my little crossbody purse that holds my phone.


We find that the schedule for the next day has been posted.


There’s also a picture of the tour group at the hotel desk. We are to add our names. This is a good idea in theory but actually the faces are too small to be of any real help.


The color in the sky gives us a prettier sunset than the picture from our balcony shows.


We rest a bit. We ask at the hotel desk for dinner recommendations – we are thinking simple food.

The pretty colors get my attention. Flowers and otherwise.

Waiting for our veggie burgers at the nearby restaurant the hotel recommended.

We walked of course. Tired. Content. Grateful. So very grateful.


What’s gotten your attention in today’s post? In life today?

The next post will be our last day in Paris.

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Thank you kindly for reading and commenting.

  “Walks in nature are hugs for my soul.” Julie A R Stephens

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