Play Day

We took a much needed play day yesterday

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We live in an extraordinary beautiful party of the world and too often we stay at home to work at the endless chores and responsibilities

About a 40 minute drive from home we had a picnic lunch

cid:<a href=Carefully, happily, we wadded across the freezing cold, slippery, rocky, riverbed


Stunning blue-sky day

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No crowds!!!                     


This time of the year our little mountain village goes from about 300 of us full-time folks to 3,000 with seasonal people and visitors and the mountain doesn’t get bigger…




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This picture was taken on Windy Point, about 10 minutes from home

This is living in the mountains ~ this is home

We have two dogs who must be walked several times a day (which is imperative for us as well). I work all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I tutor a summer reading program two mornings a week. I’m on two boards in our community. I write for our newspaper. The owner of a store in town begged me to works the weekends for three weeks so he can visit his 90-something year old dad.  I’ve got the house a mess sorting my seasonal clothes as well as stuff to be used, toss and donated. This is the short time of year we get to garden and I have been working to get the flower beds in shape. My husband and I work endlessly on learning how to promote my books.  A seasonal neighbor here for two weeks, calls wanting company…yeah…I’m not on vacation…

Do you find balance difficult – work, play, obligations, taking care of self?

“May you live all the days of your life.”  J. Swift

Living in the Mountains

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3 thoughts on “Play Day”

  1. Glad you heeded the call to ‘VACATION’ ie picnic!! 🥳 Ah, yes, I definitely recognize ‘needing to be still and listen for the purpose of finding balance’ in all things. Inviting ‘Heart instruction…’
    ‘Kindness, tenders…..’ a Pearl I learned in lessons on Fruits of the Holy Spirit …. And your mention of care of oneself brought this to mind. Tender with oneself. 🙏🏻😌

    1. YES! It’s so great to not ‘need’ to go anywhere most of the time & so great every once in awhile to venture out just a bit to a ‘new’ nature spot. It doesn’t take much to please us…was just sitting with my husband on our front deck with our coffee listening to the birds & the river, feeling the chilly morning air – so thankful not to hear machines or other people & that this is OUR HOME.

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