Coping With the Coronavirus


Last year our town rooster was wearing a life jacket as we prepared for flooding, having endured a winter with  unprecedented snowfall – this year the rooster is prepared for keeping the Coronavirus AWAY!!!


Who knew this March 8th ritual would be our last social gathering for…indefinitely. This photo shows us in St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Montrose, Colorado. This ceremony is called the rite of election. The best I can understand it is we, the body, are electing for Don, after all his preparations, to be welcomed into the Catholic Church. 

Don is all in black to my right. Bishop Stephen Berg is next to Don and then my girlfriend Erin. Don asked Erin and me to be his sponsors in his upcoming Catholic confirmation. Deacon Lloyd Hawes is on the end by me. Lloyd has been meeting with Don for many months discussing the theology, history and teachings of the Catholic Church. Erin and I are cradle Catholics and clueless to all of this. 



This cheese bread, from our local Get Some Groceries, is a delightful indulgence


Enjoying a healthy, tasty breakfast


Feeling good about supporting one of our small, local businesses


When I saw our library closed  – this became a reality for me




Was on my way to the newspaper office… 


I was in the post office when  Ben, our  Lake City activities director, delivered these Easter eggs – they were to be given away on the ski slope but since we can no longer gather on the ski hill…


 Our local movie theater marquee

IMG_8747 (1)

Gotta keep laughing…


Nature clears my mind – makes me feel more well balanced, peaceful and creative.

From childhood onward, walking the dogs in green spaces has always been an essential part of my daily routine. This helps me cope.

How are you coping? 

“May you live all the days of your life.”  J. Swift

Living in the Mountains

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4 thoughts on “Coping With the Coronavirus”

  1. Beautiful photos. This is definitely a time for the world to pull together. Life is stressful, especially when you work in the medical profession on a Covid-19 unit. But my faith is strong ~ and I know God is watching over me on the darkest of days♥️

    1. Hello Sheiliea my Paris / nurse friend – please let us know how you are doing – what do you do to stay sane in the midst of this –

      yes – walks with the dogs in nature, living in the mountains, is what keeps me sane

  2. It is so strange to not be going to school, or work. Miss the kiddos and just interacting with others (than my husband). Still exercising, still texting, still using Facetime (a lot). Have seen a lot of Masses over Facebook Live – just not the same. But we will get through it!

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