Our Adorable Mountain Village


As I write, a few days ago was the annual celebration of volunteers in our community! There are volunteer positions available to coincide with every gift & talent given human beings: from working with children, to working in gardens, to working to promote the arts, to the always traditional baking cookies & more – much, much more. A few folks make a more than part-time job from their volunteering & some, like yours truly, mostly stick to one area.

Easter Fun

As our little village gets ready for Easter, volunteers will help staff hide 1,500 eggs for the outdoor hunt – oh I see we are counting the snow to hold off.  In order to give all the children to best chance to find eggs there are different spots to hunt for different age groups.

All Are Welcome   

It seems especially appropriate that at Easter it is traditional that our village holds a community breakfast & a community worship service – ‘cause God love us all – God says ALL are welcome – ALL – just 2 commandments – Love God – Love each other –  JUST LOVE

Our Amazing Road Crew

This winter our little mountain village had an unprecedented amount of snow. It’s been very hard to deal with so very much snow. And it keeps snowing several times a week. The unprecedented amount of snow has caused avalanches.

 Snow – Snow and more snow – too much frick’en snow

In this season of too much snow our road crew has been the best ever

Mud Season

When you live in our mountains with snow you know about Muddy March. In this year of unprecedented snowfall we are having Muddy April. I feel sure that Muddy May will follow. Muddy June will not be a surprise.

Talk about child-like joy – making lemonade out of lemons – I love having captured this kindergartener playing in the mud in the middle of town!

Mud Season

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