Feeling So Alive

We just walked our first Gold Hill (a ‘low’ mountain called a hill by locals) walk of 2019!!!

This is a favorite walk of ours, especially on the shoulders of the seasons when the visitors haven’t yet arrived; as we have it all to ourselves!! You don’t live up here if you enjoy crowds!

This winter our little mountain village had an unprecedented amount of snow. It’s been very hard to deal with so very much snow. And it keeps snowing several times a week.

 Snow – Snow and more snow – too much frick’en snow

But this morning – it was beyond fabulous & not snowing when my husband & our canine kids waked Gold Hill under an ocean of cobalt blue sky that we had all to ourselves!

Hope, our border collie was blissfully flying from mountain peak to mountain peak

Joy, our sheltie was contented to find puddles of snow to make puppy dog snow angels

This walk, in these surroundings, under this blue, blue sky – just makes us feel so alive!! So happy to be alive ~

Crystal Peak

Making snow puppy angels

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