Springtime in the Rockies is a Metaphor for Life:

Toasty Warm Sapphire Sky Days Mixed with Single Digit Biting Winds

 Cobalt sky and 8 this calm morning. We crunch frozen snow on our mountain nature trail before the sunshine bathes our valley. The serenity covers me like a cozy quilt. Our happy border collie flies around us. Negative thoughts creep in: the writer who took my information and didn’t deliver hers…family members who gossip about us…1,000 years ago the mother of two girls had a boy when I had our daughter after our son and we were going to borrow each other’s baby clothes. She came over to my home with nothing for me but the excuse that all her girl’s clothes were worn. She walked out with everything I had brought out to look through. Ok this is stupid. I have a great life. I can afford to be generous. I can’t control small minded people who want to bond by gossiping about us.











Hope is safe and happy as she flies near us on our nature trail.




One of husband’s most recent romantic gestures.

I am so lucky. We have been together 49 years. He is as romantic as ever~!


His thoughtfulness reaches to the practical as well.

He knows, while I have tried a number of different types of bedside lights, I struggle with a light for reading in bed.This is his latest offering! 

Our afternoon walk is 50 degrees warmer than this morning!

I am spent from my late morning writing group.I must have emotional pain that needed to be released. I cried.

I cried explaining how both pieces made me feel. I cried. That made me feel vulnerable though everyone is kind. I feel like I made them feel uncomfortable. One piece was about the writer’s HIV experience.

Paul, Dirk and Jimmy were all gay high school friends back in the day when my small, Catholic high school had no gay people.

They all died from complications due to aids.

I am so grateful that I live here with my beloved and our canine companions.The peaceful, soothing nature is salve for my heart.



I took this picture a week ago today in the Denver airport.  

We were making our way to Cleveland to visit family.

We have had all our vaccinations, wear mask in public, inside places and are so grateful we have not caught Covid.

We have followed protocol. We did not travel before the vaccine, when it was strongly suggested that we did not. Our first time to fly after covid was a year ago when we fly to Austin to meet our youngest grandchild last March.

I cannot understand a fatalistic approach to life: thinking it was God’s will that so and so caught covid or so and so died from covid (when they did not follow protocol – God created science and the brilliant scientists…)



 The 5-year-old enjoying her ice cream…


  …and splashing in rain puddles

 …understanding chess and making us origami animals


Walking the puppy with our grandchildren…


The parents left and we ordered pizza and watched the FUNNY movie Shrek!

The kids hadn’t seen it before! Do you know the Muffin Man?!

Another 1st – I got to introduce our grandchildren to Wii bowling! 

The 5-year-old was Darth Vader.

Her ball would take 15 minutes to reach the pins and then she would get a spare or strike!



We had fun putting together terrariums   



Walking a suburban nature trail…

Nature and walks…always …

“The most precious gift we can give one another is letting them know they matter.”  Julie A R Stephens

Living in the Mountains

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