A Little Lake City Miracle

Thursday Matt, our regular UPS driver brings packages to the house. I hold open the garden gate and thank him for putting the boxes on the little sunroom table – saving my back.

“What great timing! I needed boxes for packing some Halloween gifts to my grandchildren.” I smile. We chat about the weather and other important stuff.

Friday I’m driving into town to bring my boxes to the store that lets us leave UPS packages when I see our UPS driver about to pass me. The speed limit is 25 so there’s plenty of time. I put my car indicator on and single with me hand and Matt pulls over!

“Remember me saying yesterday that I needed boxes for packing Halloween presents to the grandchildren? Well here they are! What great timing! Thank you Matt!”

“It is great timing since I’ve already been to the store for today – so these wouldn’t have gone out until tomorrow.”

This noteworthy occurrence of events, being in exactly at the right place at the right time – just makes me so happy!

In this day and age, I can’t imagine this scenario playing out in many, if any, other places and this is just one of many reasons why I love living here!

What’s a coincidence, something worth mentioning, that you’ve experienced?

“The most precious gift we can give one another is letting them know they matter.” Julie A R Stephens <mailto:julie@handsbestrong.com>


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One thought on “A Little Lake City Miracle”

  1. Julie
    Nice little story.
    I totally agree that that the most precious gift we can give someone is letting them know they matter and I think one thing we can do to let them know is when we see them on the street, smile at them and say “Hello.” I never realized how important a smile and a hello is until I was in France where pedestrians stare straight ahead and no one smiles or says bonjour. How pleasant the day is in Sarasota where pedestrians nod, smile, and say hello.

    I remember an occasion in Chicago when I passed a homeless man on the street and did not give him anything and in fact looked away. He shouted after me, “I am a person. You can say something to me.” He was right, I don’t need to give him anything but I can at least look at him or her. Now I make it a point to at least say “Sorry” or “Not today.”

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