Isolating in Nature

IMG_9996   Earth Day

After waking to a dark, early morning, heavy spring snow – the sun has come out to create a picturesque day.  The dogs and I just walked the nature trail. It was magical – all blue and white with prism water droplets sparkling like Christmas decorations – low clouds hanging in midair –

I felt like Alice exploring Wonderland. The familiar walk was almost not recognized. Heavy snow bent bushes covering the trail to create secret passages.

IMG_9989Melting as the sun touches the snow, it sounded like rain coming off the trees – it’s the kind of day that touches all the senses and makes me aware and happy to be alive. I smelled that lovely earthy scent – this morning was a much appreciated, much needed gift of nature.

A Sunday walk at the lake


Living in Lake City, CO always affords us beautiful places to walk.During this time of social isolation that has never been more important to our good emotional and physical health. While photographing this pretty mallard ducks pair I got caught up in their sunny afternoon swim – for a bit I was joining them.


It gave me joy to photograph the birds at our lake. I was energized and taken away from the grips of the pandemic for awhile. Fun to be able to photograph the one goose  at the moment he was spreading his wings.

The inlet part of the lake here has this pair looking like they are taking a stroll on the beach

Does nature play a part in your self isolating? How so?

“May you live all the days of your life.”  J. Swift

Living in the Mountains

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