Another beyond beautiful, blue sky day in the mountains!!! With our new camera, I was on my way to the lake this morning by 6:30, without the dogs who wondered why they weren’t going – it was so cold – my fingers didn’t want to cooperate with the camera  – the sun never came over the mountain while I was there this morning – still – what a J-O-Y~!!

I didn’t see any moose (the reason for my early trip out there) but I was happily surprised by a herd of elk and snapped away –

So, so fun to be a part of the lake waking up! I watched a beaver swimming and  a duck paddling alongside geese and took pictures of geese and their reflection as well as the snow peaked mountains against the blue sky, all reflected in the lake…

I love the quiet…the peacefulness…my footsteps…a waterfall…a woodpecker…quacks and honks ~!!!

 Had a big breakfast then took the dogs up in the mountains for their morning walk – exercise and nature energize me! Going to take Hope, our young border collie, on our nature trail now. Joy, our older sheltie girl, will be happy to sit this one out.

Life is good ~!! …sometimes I am able to forgot about the worldwide pandemic for awhile…not think about life’s unfairness or bitter sweetness for a bit as I am engaged in nature…

What does nature mean to you?

“May you live all the days of your life.”  J. Swift

Living in the Mountains

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