How Did You Spend Your Christmas Season

Bruce and Joy deciding which tree is the right choice

For our mountain Christmases we always cut our tree. When living in suburbia, I’ve gone to a Christmas tree lot and also had an artificial tree. Cutting our own tree my favorite! We don’t have a specific time to put the tree up, about a week or two before Christmas is usually when we do it. How about you?

How do you get your Christmas tree? When do you put your tree up?

Elsa and I have been together for 4 years; since she was a young 2-year-old. Officially I’m her nanny-teacher. She’s like my Lake City grandchild. Having been a teacher and being a mom and grandma makes me a perfect choice!

Joy is never far from Elsa – she’s really quite adorable the way she ‘watches’ over Elsa.

The lighting of the advent wreath

I grew up Catholic observing the season of advent; the 4 weeks before Christmas. A candle is lit for each week.

We spend a lot of time outside

Christmas Eve – what a sky!!!

More often than not our winter days are calm and sunny with this cobalt blue sky. We work to keep a path open to enjoy walking on our nature trail right outside our garden.

Church is always a part of our Christmas. Bruce and I were asked to read at the Presbyterian / Episcopal Church Christmas Eve service.  Bruce was working until late in the afternoon Christmas Eve. I also went to St. Rose Catholic Church afternoon service Christmas Eve.

Growing up I remember once or twice going to my father’s parents for Christmas.  They lived in Kenosha, Wisconsin which was a completely different environment from where we lived in the south. Christmas morning we walked to church through the snow, leaving our unopened Christmas presents under the tree. Between untouched snow yet to play in and unwrapped presents yet to open – it was hard to be a child in church!

This year it was ‘just’ the two of us with our canine kids, Joy and Hope

What are some of your Christmas memories? Traditions?

“May you live all the days of your life.”  J. Swift

Living in the Mountains

2 thoughts on “How Did You Spend Your Christmas Season”

  1. Julie, Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Beautiful country! I was in upstate-WNY visiting my family over Christmas. Had a great time and good Christmas visiting with my 3 sisters, father, and dear friends from high school. That is my Christmas tradition, to go to the town I grew up in-Lewiston NY, stay with my sister and visit family and friends. This year was great weather, temps in the 40’s and no snow. And for me coming from NC, that weather suited me just fine.
    Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year to you and Bruce, Elsa, and Joy and Hope.

    1. Hugs ~ Health ~ Happiness in the new year Mary! How fun to still connect with high school friends! I went to my 10th HS reunion (was pg with our 2nd) & many of the guys were hard to recognize then!

      So glad you didn’t have to deal with snow while traveling!!

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