Life’s Little Moments

Life since I last posted in April:

We set up the piano in our sunroom for my husband. Our home is small and there’s not a better place – so we have to wait for ‘warmish’ temperatures. 

Originally this space was an uncovered deck. It took three years, along with Bruce working full-time and us living our busy lives but he turned it into a sunroom!

We enjoy this cozy, fun space on and off from about April through September. It’s great overflow for our small home – especially with the three grandchildren visiting. We open the French doors from the sunroom to the dining area and the house seems so much bigger. Eating out here and getting cozy in one of the padded chairs with a book is so snug, so homey. The garden flowers and the fountain in the little pond Bruce built are easily enjoyed in the sunroom without bugs or weather.

This was taken in late April with us still getting a lot of snow. I am writing in early June with mornings in the upper 20’s to low 30’s. While I like the chilly mornings, the temperatures seem unseasonably cold – climate change is a real thing. I hear some folks in other parts of the world / country are already sweltering.

April 25th

The geese came back from their warmer winter home to get snowed on here

We never get tired of this view – I hope you don’t either!

Made by my kind, computer savvy husband – Mountain Mutts -Joy’s Tale is selling internationally with sales in Australia and Germany!!

Here we are late April with the snow having melted on the sundrenched ground – though it returned in May!

Enjoying the music at St Rose Catholic Church

Having fun playing Wii bowling on Sunday evenings – Husband and I have fun together in so many different ways!

Fun listening to this writer friend’s book – this reminds me of Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote

Having fun playing with only granddaughter’s 6th birthday presents before giftwrapping 


Way over my usual 10,000 daily steps

Springtime in the mountains – hummingbirds & snow

So often we are enjoying the sky…

Husband and I on an early morning hike

Mother’s Day remembrances from my son and his children

It’s fun being remembered so thoughtfully

Mother’s Day present from my daughter

A step hike to the secret waterfall

Rain instead of snow – spring has arrived!

Rain sounds so pretty

Drops like crystals

Life is the little moments…

What little moments bring you joy?

“The most precious gift we can give one another is letting them know they matter.”  Julie A R Stephens

Living in the Mountains


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  1. Your stories bring me joy, Sis. I love to remember Colorado with the memories they stir. I so enjoyed when I was in your mountains a long time ago!

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