What Makes You Happy



My sweet husband did this when he and Hope (border collie) went on an early walk and I saw it later walking with Hope and Joy (sheltie) – it just makes me smile – makes my heart smile – a love note in the snow – takes a moment – means so much…


Our son texted asking if we wanted to zoom…so thoughtful. The two youngest children were home with their daddy and their new puppy – just hanging out getting to see them interacting and hearing about James (8) having played basketball earlier in the day. Theresa (5) was still in her pj’s – maybe just how a winter Saturday should be…at home…hanging out… playing…


James and I got talking about important stuff like chocolate covered gram crackers to make s’mores and  internet  – I said that since we have starlink we have real internet and can easily watch a movie together – I’d enjoy watching the original Mary Poppins (starring Julie Andrews) with my grandchildren… and to make s’mores with chocolate covered gram crackers…




 It makes me smile to see critter tracks in the snow…love that this place is alive with wildlife (as long as all goes well – we all observe each other from ‘afar’) it always has with us – we are careful not to purposely attract any and back away when we see them – these are bunny tracks – we often see rabbits in our garden – they likely live under our wood pile 




The icicles on our pine trees look like Christmas decorations and the sun shinning through the ice makes them glow




Husband made black bean tostadas for dinner yesterday evening




Along with a beautiful salad – my taste buds were dancing – and we are watching Victoria at night  (easy with starlink internet!) – it starts with 18 year old Victoria becoming queen – we especially enjoyed the change from in the castle in England, where she and Albert are in Scotland and ‘runaway’ and they get lost and stay overnight in a thatch roof cottage with an old couple who don’t recognize the royals…There’s another part with two gay men and though it’s not very believable, others are kind and caring and nonjudgmental about their connection (as life should be)

 Good food and a good show to enjoy together  – fun



What makes you happy…

“The most precious gift we can give one another is letting them know they matter.”  Julie A R Stephens

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