Forgiveness & Trust

Since my husband & I live in such an extraordinary beautiful area, it is not unusual for me to have my camera with me. I took this photograph 4 years ago while hiking near our home in rural Colorado. It reminds me of a page that could have come from my Catholic religion book in the early 1970’s. I graduated from Nolan Catholic High School, in Fort Worth, TX in 1974.

Deep thinking and genuine conversation are important to me.  Perhaps because it is Lent forgiveness has been on my mind. Earlier today I emailed a few friends on the topic of forgiveness and was so touched by their replies, I thought more people might want to join the conversation…

So forgiveness is the topic…

There are people in my life whom I feel that I have forgiven – in that I no longer continually think about the wrongness they did against me (I use to turn their transgression over & over in my mind until I almost enjoyed the hurt; like picking at a scab.) It feels so much better not to do that – I can now get the event & them out of my mind

– BUT I don’t trust them –

And for me there is no (real) relationship without trust

Esther Perel is a Belgian psychotherapist who says that the person who hurt you / betrayed you has to apologize for that before healing can begin to begin  – nothing is more important than that  –  they have to acknowledge the remorse they feel for having betrayed / having hurt you before healing can begin

Life is too short & too important for anything other than authentic connections

Forgive & live healthier

Be cautious with your trusting heart

Your thoughts –

How do you see forgiving someone – how does trust enter in with forgiveness

Please pass this blog to others: Catholics, non-Catholics, nature lovers, deep thinkers, dog lovers, other people you think would be interested

Thank you. I wish you peace,


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